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ACHR's Child Development Program provides a variety of services for children ages 0-12 years and their families living in Lee and Russell Counties.  ACHR staff seek to guide children toward lifelong development by equipping families with the same tools necessary to provide children with secure, supportive surroundings at home as are provided at the centers.  Most programs offered have an income guideline.  

At the core of ACHR's child development approach is a commitment to the belief that each child is a unique individual with his/her own special needs and background of experiences.  For a child to be able to take the steps necessary for optimum development, he/she must feel safe, accepted, and competent in an environment that is nurturing, encouraging, supportive, and challenging.  ACHR staff strive to provide that kind of environment for every child.

ACHRís Child Development Program uses the HighScope Research Foundation's approach to education. The major goals of HighScope-- which allows each child to progress at his/her own pace Ė are to enable children to make choices and decisions that work, solve problems effectively, communicate well with others, and think things through to figure things out. Research consistently indicates that HighScope children are more likely to graduate from high school and less likely to be dependent on welfare and/or become pregnant as teenagers.  HighScope was developed in 1970 by Dr. David Weikart.  Its pre-school education approach is now used throughout the world.  We are proud to say that we have two persons on staff, Sue Williams, Early Childhood Coordinator and Karen Lusk, ACHRís Education Trainer, who were recipients of the prestigious David P. Weikart Achievement Award at the 2013 HighScope International Conference in Ypsilanti, MI.

ACHR's Child Development Program uses a team approach to education. ACHR believes that parents and guardians are their childrenís most important teachers and role models. Therefore, ACHR staff supports, encourages, and works to empower parents and guardians in many different ways to be able to be the best possible teachers and role models for their children.

Head Start: Center-based services for children ages 3-5 in families living with low income in Lee and rural Russell Counties. 

Early Head Start:  Services for pregnant women (including teens) and children ages 0-3 living in Lee and rural Russell Counties. Services for children either home based or center based.  Services for pregnant women home based, and for teens, sometimes school based.

Child Care: Wraparound care (before and after school and during the summer) is provided on a sliding fee scale for some HS and EHS children and their brothers and sisters.

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