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The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps Lee County residents who have a crisis caused by an inability to pay their utility bills.  Families may receive a grant paid directly to the utility company. Assistance is limited and income requirements must be met.  This program also provides energy counseling to help residents reduce their future energy bills.

The Alabama Business Charitable Trust Fund, an Alabama Power Foundation, offers funds for energy counseling for participants with limited incomes so that they can learn to be more energy efficient and reduce power bills.  In addition, they provide funds for assistance with power bills to supplement LIHEAP as well as funds to assist with Weatherization.

Through the Weatherization Program, staff assess homes that qualify and then, as funds allow, coordinate provision of needed insulation, caulking and other services to reduce the energy consumption of a home or mobile home owned by an individual who is income-eligible.  We have a waiting list for weatherization.  Applicants on waiting list must up-date their information each year if they want to remain on the waiting list.

Funds for these programs are limited and are not available at all times during the year.  Each program has income and other qualifications mandated by the funding source. 

To receive services, applicants for each program must make an appointment, meet income and other requirements and provide ALL documentation required for that program.

The Energy Assistance Programs listed operate at Darden Center in Opelika every Monday and Wednesday and at Frankie B. King Center in Auburn every Tuesday and Thursday.   Weatherization intake is available during limited hours; call for information or an appointment.

For an appointment for Energy Assistance, during the months that we have funds available, call (334) 246-5266 and follow the instructions,  If you prefer, you can log into the on-line appointment system, starting by clicking (or drop the address into your browser line).  Note:  The phone number is not a direct ACHR number, so unlike in the past, you may call at any time, including at night and on weekends.

For information about any of these programs, or for an appointment for Weatherization, call (334) 821-8336 and speak with the receptionist.

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