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Early Head Start Head Start Child Care

ACHR's Head Start program, a key part of the ACHR Child Development Program (ACHR-CDP), began in the summer of 1965.  It is a comprehensive, quality program that includes educational, health, parent involvement and social services designed to prepare children ages 3-5 for entry into public school.  Currently more than 400 children are served at the Frankie B. King Center in Auburn, the Darden Center in Opelika, and the Marian Wright Edelman Center in rural Russell County.  Most classrooms consist of 18 children in a mixed age grouping, a teacher (with either a B.A. Degree in Family and Child Development, a B.A. Degree in Early Childhood Education, or an A.A. Degree in Child Development), and a teacher assistant who has or is working toward a two-year degree or a CDA. Starting in 2007, the ACHR-CDP has partnered with the Lee County Schools (LCS) to provide classrooms that serve children who have special needs along with typically developing children. The program has grown to five classrooms in two LCS schools. These classes usually have 12-16 children and three teachers and aides. All children in the partnership classrooms receive the full array of services that LCS and HS provide to their other children.

Head Start has income, county residency and age guidelines that we must follow.  Because there are more eligible children than slots, the ACHR-CDP uses a points system to determine acceptance to the program.  Ten percent of the children can be over the income limit, which makes us able to accept children with diagnosed special needs who otherwise might not be eligible.  Applications will be accepted at any time, but are particularly encouraged in time for the beginning of the Head Start year.

Because of the importance of regular attendance to eventual school readiness, the ACHR-CDP has adopted an attendance procedure.

Key Benefits


HighScope Curriculum Approach that allows and encourages each child to learn at his/her own pace.


Linkage to medical and dental care.


On-site services for children with special needs (such as speech/language, developmental delay, etc.) provided as appropriate through linkages with local public schools and other resources.


Family Services Workers assist families in setting goals and finding needed services as well as in times of crisis.


Availability of a variety of ways for parents to increase their knowledge about children's issues and advocacy including parent meetings and newsletters.


Transportation provided for children who live over two miles from centers as needed by parents.


Wraparound care offered at Darden and Edelman at low cost to parents who need childcare before 8:00 a.m. and/or after 1:00 p.m. and during the summer.  At King Center children we partner with other child care centers so that this care is provided.


Opportunity for parents to serve on parent or policy-making committees and to gain experience in advocacy.

To learn more about the program or to enroll a child, contact our office at 334-821-8336.

To learn more about Head Start in general, go to

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